Podio Workflow Automation Use Cases

Podio has almost limitless applications to run your business. How to automate your business in Podio using workflow automation can be a stretch to the imagination. Here are some of the most common applications of workflow automation to whet your appetite:

How could you automate your own Business Processes in your Podio?

Project Management

There can be a lot of data moving around when managing projects. Make sure all data is accurate and timely. A project's success depends on acting on the right data at the right time.

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Accounting & Finance

There are a lot of numbers involved in your corporate accounts. Make sure they all add up, and chart trends to quickly see issues before they become problems.

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Sales & Marketing (CRM)

Missing important dates or milestones can have a big impact on your sales pipeline and overall customer retention rates. Make sure this doesn't happen.

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Human Resources

The social nature of Podio makes it an ideal system to manage your teams and your people. Make sure people don't do things they shouldn't with your data.

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Managing your day-to-day operations can often be the most important yet most tedious task. Visualize your operational data and automate your business operations processes.

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GlobiFlow - a must have for advanced Podio users and implementation consultants

GlobiFlow provides great extensions to the functionality of Podio, including visualizations of reports, advanced workflows, and PDF creation.
- Bill Carovano, Sr. Director, Product Management at Citrix

Great addition

The Application has become indispensable in my operation. I utilize a trigger in one app to move all of the relevant details into others, then update fields and add comments so that I know where it has been triggered from.
- Kelly B Johnson, CMA, Owner at Westcan HVAC Sales Ltd