Podio Workflow Automation Use Cases: Human Resources in Podio

The social nature of Podio makes it an ideal system to manage your teams and your people. However, Podio's openness means anyone could change any data. With Podio workflow automation you can ensure that your people adhere to your human resources processes & policies easily.

Best tool for your Team: Social AND Controlled


  • When an item in the job applicants app is marked as "hired", create a new item in the employees app with the relevant details from the applicant record, and send a default welcome and onboarding email to the new employee. Also create tasks for the support team to create the required IT accounts, and for accountant to add the new employee to payroll.
  • When an employee record is marked as "terminated", create a new task for the support team to close all the employee's IT accounts, and for the accountant to process the final pay cheque.


  • If an employee creates a vacation request, search for all other vacation requests in that department, and if there is already an approved vacation request in the same time period requested, then automatically deny the request.
  • If an employee attempts to approve their own vacation request, mark it back as pending.


  • Every 6 months from an employee's hire date, create a new performance review.
  • When a new performance review item is created, assign a task to the employee's department manager to perform the review.
  • When a review is marked as completed, send an email summary of the review to the HR manager.

GlobiFlow - a must have for advanced Podio users and implementation consultants

GlobiFlow provides great extensions to the functionality of Podio, including visualizations of reports, advanced workflows, and PDF creation.
- Bill Carovano, Sr. Director, Product Management at Citrix

Great addition

The Application has become indispensable in my operation. I utilize a trigger in one app to move all of the relevant details into others, then update fields and add comments so that I know where it has been triggered from.
- Kelly B Johnson, CMA, Owner at Westcan HVAC Sales Ltd